Friday, 29 December 2017

income from S-REITS and trusts

Finally able to find some time to update my passive income returns for 2017. It has been a good year since Trump was elected as the US President. The S&P 500 and Dow Jones have done very well, breaking new records. Similarly, STI have done well this year, rising from 2800 in Jan 17 to a high of 3469 in Dec 17.

My Reits and trusts counters have done well in 2017.  I have collected a total of $21,113. Finally achieved $20K, a milestone in my investing journey. I am very happy as never imagine that i can do that. It is like collecting special bonus in every few months, super shiok as it is your own hard work .

Some background on my investing journey. I started as a investing newbie in 2014 with 0 investing knowledge. I started investing and made a few quick wins and lost some money in stocks by listening to some so called "stock gurus" and friends on investing tips. 

After losing some money on a few Oil and Gas trades, I told myself that i can't rely on others but my own analysis. my wife told me to quit and put the hard earn money into safer investment such as FD. But i decided that with inflation, putting $ in the bank will not help to achieve my financial goals. 

With determination, I decided to improve my investing knowledge by investing in myself by attending investing courses on Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis and value investing. I became more hungry on investing knowledge and news and started to read news and follow some local blogs such as AK, STE, cory. These blogs provided Gems and wisdom on investing (a good start for retail investor). AK has taught me many useful tips such as prudent saving (delay gratification),  CPF investing and i am very thankful to him. 

Through determination and prudent saving, i saved more and cut down on my expenditures. I also become more careful on my investments, following Warren Buffett rules: Never lose money and be greedy when people are fearful. 

I started to test my investing methodology through studying business fundamentals (revenue, cash flow, debt etc), the management team and their biz strategy. thereafter adopting Technical analysis and adopting value investing Margin of Safety (MOS) before buying any stocks or REITS.

Through persistence, and luck, my dividends grew from $4930 in 2014 to $21131 in 2017. 

For 4Q 2017, i have also rebalance my portfolio and sold off capitalmall trust for a profit of $15K because the counter had a good run and took some profit from the table to divest into to REITS with overseas port folio. Now i have a good mix of reits with local and overseas portfolio.

If  i include the $15K profit, my returns for 2017 would be ~$36K., a record year for me.

I hope that through this sharing, it is to show that "IF i can do it (single income with home maker wife and kids ), so can YOU !.  Wishing you a happy 2018. Huat ah. 

PS: Feel free to share your views and investing tips. Thanks.

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