Thursday, 4 May 2017

LIPPO Mall Trust 1Q Result

Lippo Mall trust has just released a good set of result. It achieved 7.2% Y.O.Y growth in distribution per unit to 0.89 cents for the first quarter ended 31 Mar 2017. Distributable income for the quarter grew 8.4% Y.O.Y to SGD25.1 million.  The Lippo Mall Kuta  acquired in December 2016 contributed to the growth in DPU.  Net property income increased to SGD46.1 million in 1Q 2017.

I blogged about Lippo Mall trust a few months ago. I bought x quantities using FA and TA. Enter at a good price and now sitting more than 14 percent gains. The Indonesia economy is projected to grow at 5 to 6%.  The brick and mortar Lippo Malls will do well with the growing economy.

Will monitor the trust and will buy more lots when opportunity arises. Meanwhile, i will be happily collecting the DPU.

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