Monday, 13 March 2017

Keppel DC Reit

The keppel DC Reit was on my watchlist because it has strong fundamentals and good economic moat. I took the opportunity to buy some lots recently based on Technical analysis. 

Reason for the Purchase
The Keppel DC reit is the only Reit that focus on data centres. The biz is resilient because of cloud technology, and servers will be required to store million of data.  

From a fundamental analysis, it has a good set of financial no.  DPUis growing and the Reit manager is expanding the Reit portfolio.  It has a long WALE and the debt is low @ 28.3 and it will provide head room for future growth. Singapore DC Singapore 3 was added to the port folio (Afternote: purchase was completed on 20 Jan 2017). This recent acquisition will generate a higher DPU for 2017. 

source: Chart Nexus

FOMC will be having it meeting this week. Expect volatility and another shopping opportunity. 

Be greedy when people are fearful- WB. 


  1. Hi Investminds

    Noticed we've got a few similar companies in our portfolio :)

    How do you see the charts for DC Reit? Im thinking to divest them at 1.275 based on TA too.

    1. Hi B, sorry for the late reply as was very busy with work. The keppel DC reit was on consolidation at 1.35 and near term TA is on an uptrend. i think it is good to keep it for long term.