Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Passive Income 2017: Feb 17 Dividend Update

Happy to receive my first dividend collection for 2017. Received a total of $4671.60.
The feeling was fantastic as it was like receiving my first bonus.  The passive income has given me the motivation to continue learning the art of investing.  Recently, i've deposited $15,300 into SRS and waiting for the opportunity to invest the SRS funds.

The STI broke the 3000 resistance on 18 jan 17. The US market is hitting new high because of market expects Trump to announce new finance policies that will benefit the financial institutions.  I am looking forward to Fed to announce the rate hike in Mar 17 as the market will be spooked and it will provide an opportunity to buy more  strong fundamental stocks and quality Reits & trusts.

Be patience and wait for right opportunity to invest.

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