Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Frasers Log & Industrial Trust: on a uptrend

I blogged about Frasers L&I a few months and bought some lots using Technical Analysis. Frasers L&I is on an uptrend: above, 20D, 50D & 200DMA (see chart below). It has recently reported a good set of results. DPU of 1.84 cents was above the forecast of 1.79 cents. Frasers L&I has a good portfolio of 51 properties, long WALE and no debt to be paid for the next 2 years. This meant that Fraser L& R will not affected by the Fed interest rate hikes in 2017& 2018. This shows that the manager is very smart in the debt management. The low gearing provides opportunity for growth.

Source: Chartnexus

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